Welcome to Kohlstädt GmbH

Welcome to our world of bespoke components and modules.
So you're looking for individually tailored and custom-made industrial housings, membrane keyboards/keypads, front foils, front panels and enclosures?

If so, we can offer unique levels of vertical integration and variety. In us, you will find a reliable partner, who will be there from the design and engineering phases right through to production, helping you to implement projects and serial manufacture in a cost-effective manner.
We specialise in a whole host of production areas, including (to name but a few) the design and production of industrial enclosures and of all kinds of components associated with enclosure construction, as well as in the enhancement of these components through anodisation. Our company brings together a vast array of options under one roof. As well as offering solutions that are standard for the sector, we can also provide a comprehensive collaborative design service in respect of all production processes, and take charge of their implementation.

Illuminated keypads

illuminated keypad

Illuminated keypads from Kohlstädt are designed for a wide range of application areas and can be integrated into all kinds of components. The distinguishing feature of this kind of keypad is the fact that the keys are fully backlit.


ATS film


ATS (AK = Autotex; S=steel) is a new foil in the high-grade steel Design, on a polyester foil. In order to realize the Design from high-grade steel, the foil has a front-lateral structure, similarly a micrograph. Contrary to high-grade steel the ATS is resistant to finger marks and has a wash and wear surface.

Our products are anodized in the own house. In addition we offer this service also as external manufacture. Convince yourselves of our possibilities