Perfect synergy between humans and machines... the membrane keyboard/keypad
Membrane keyboards/keypads can be integrated into practically any equipment, even if there is not very much space available at all. Our membrane keyboards/keypads, which are worthy of the designation "Made in Germany", ensure problem-free and maintenance-free operation. They form the perfect interface between humans and applications. Visual, haptic and ergonomic aspects can be defined and determined by the developers themselves, as they are able to select the colours, textures and embossing features.
We were one of the first companies to start producing membrane keyboards/keypads in Germany on an industrial scale and as a result we now have some of the most effective and innovative facilities for producing these products throughout the entire world.

Production facilities
Our membrane keyboards/keypads are suitable for equipment and machinery that is operated under the toughest of conditions. Not only do they serve as reliable interfaces, but are a design feature in their own right.
WMF front foil
The fact that we maintain full control over all production processes (from layout, film and screen production, right through screen printing and assembly) means that we can respond to the needs of our customers in a flexible way whenever we need to.

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membrane keyboards Full service
Are you looking for the right front panels, enclosures or complete systems to accompany your membrane keyboards/keypads? Or do you need specific requirements to be met such as the integration of light guides? If so, you can count on us as a competent partner. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need. So why not use this advantage to ensure a quick time to market for your products.