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We see ourselves as the key to your success. That is why we endeavour to keep our machinery constantly up to date and to expand it in accordance with our customers' needs.

Link_Pfeil The printing shop.
Print can be applied to all kinds of materials at our screen printing shop. The shop is equipped with a wide range of machines, from the manual printing table through to the three quarters automatic machine plus necessary peripheral equipment. This enables a high level of flexibility from a printing perspective.
printing shop
Link_Pfeil Final assembly.
The final assembly stage involves the use of various systems, depending on the quantity being produced and the structure. Within this context, we have access to laser and cutting plotters as well as a wide range of punches.
final assembly
Link_Pfeil Metal processing and working.
We have to be able to offer every imaginable form of metal working, of which there are many, and that is why we are equipped with all the machinery we need to cater for the full range of sheet metal and metal working processes.
metal processing and working