A new type of human-machine interface…
Touch system with transparent bonding over the entire surface

By the time the intuitive touch controls found on the latest mobiles phones had taken hold (with all the associated media hype), we were left in no doubt about the fact that users are more than willing to accept this type of human-machine interface.
Now everyone wants them, even in the context of technical applications. The advantages are obvious - in fact, they are tangible! Being able to make direct contact with the menus and the self-explanatory design make operation a breeze.

Comparison of touch systems with/without transparent bonding over the entire surface.

Touch system that does not feature transparent bonding over the entire surface

touch system

Touch system with transparent bonding over the entire surface
touch system with transparent bonding over the entire surface

Link_PfeilInsights into the manufacturing process

We implement your requirements…

The requirements of industrial applications are more exacting than those associated with the mobile communications sector. Products have to be carefully designed to ensure that they are suitable for greater temperature ranges and offer improved levels of resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. In cases where hygienic aspects also need to be taken into account, particular attention must be paid to ensuring that the front end is completely free of dirty edges. The answer is to stick analog resistive touch sensors behind a continuous front foil so that they cover the entire surface, to make the visual area transparent and to lower the front foil so that it sits flush in the front panel or enclosure opening. This requirement has applied since touch sensors came to be used in areas where liquid and solid sources of contamination are known to have an adverse effect on operation and hygiene.

Catering for your every need…
In order for the design requirements to be implemented in a purposeful way, sound interdisciplinary knowledge is required. The necessary links have to be made between the specialist areas of film and lamination technology, front panel and enclosure technology and in-house knowledge about electronic modules. These links then need to be taken into account during the production process.

Our high level of vertical integration and the breadth of our production facilities mean that we can produce touch solutions with all-over transparent bonding for practically any application area.

Touch solution with transparent bonding over the entire surface for direct installation in an enclosure. Consisting of enclosure, support plate, touch sensor and front foil.