Touch integration for your operator interface...

We offer a whole range of options when it comes to integrating a touch system solution into your bespoke control. By drawing on our processing capabilities and a huge range of products that can be used to complement your system, we are able to create a bespoke system for you that meets all your expectations for cutting-edge and custom-made input systems.

Analog touch system
The analog touch system is a "membrane keypad" based on film/glass or glass/glass technology. The fact that it is transparent means it can be mounted directly in front of the LCD screen. The two contact carriers (film/glass or glass/glass) feature a transparent metal layer on the inside, which is bonded to the edge. When pressure is applied to the front film or panel, a connection is established between the two layers at this point. The connected electronics (controller) evaluate the levels of resistance and use this information to calculate the position of the contact point.
The choice is yours!
We can supply you with the analog touch panel installed flush in your front panels, operator panels, membrane keyboards, etc. and will even include the appropriate controller, cable set and the necessary mounting parts for your flat display.
At your request, we would of course be delighted to design your entire product for you and assemble the individual components in accordance with your requirements and specific needs.

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Technical data

Functional principle

Touch-sensitive, analog resistive,
resistance film and 3 mm glass panel (optional: glass panel/glass panel with automatic pressure compensation)

Available sizes
For all standard flat screens (LDC)
Operating force
0.8 N. Contact resistance: less than 100 ohms
Surface material

Polyester film with hard surface coating, optional: silicate glass
Chem. resistance of the active touch area
(1h at 21°C) resistant to acetone, dichloromethane, methyl ethyl ketone, isopropyl alcohol, hexane, etc.
Degree of protection
IP 65 assuming that complete unit is installed appropriately
With film/glass 55%, with glass/glass 92% of the visible light spectrum; high-contrast; optional: antiglare coating
Operating temperature
-10°C to +50°C
Relative humidity
90% rel. humid. at 35°C (based on 24h cycle)
More than 6200 contact points per cm²