Illuminated keypads with EL film
Electroluminescent materials are flat, flexible illuminants. As with a capacitor, there is a layer of phosphorus particles between two electrodes. When an AC voltage is applied to the electrodes an electrical field is generated over the phosphorus and this causes it to emit light. These illuminants can be operated at voltages of between 40 V and 240 V and frequencies of between 50 Hz and 10 kHz. EL film function testEL film function test
Advantages of electroluminescent materials
Very flat (approx. 0.2 mm, can be integrated into membrane keypads)
Flexible (you can bend it)
Low current consumption (at 110 V/400 Hz, approx. 0.15 mA without inverter)
Low heat emission (approx. 1°C above ambient temperature)
Extremely robust and highly resistant to vibrations and shocks
Soft monochrome light (backlighting of displays)
Fields of application
Backlighting of membrane keypads and LCDs
Instrument lighting
Emergency or night lamps
Illuminated panels, flashing lights as a sales promotion tool
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