Membrane keyboards/keypads for any application.

Below is a description of the process we use to manufacture and integrate a membrane keypad into a front panel.

Step 1
First of all, our graphics department produces the printing copy that will be required further down the line for the purpose of making the screen. Here you can see the finished screen after it has been exposed plus the areas that have been left blank and are going to have ink applied to them a little later on.
sieb02 Step 2
The liquid ink is poured onto the screen and swept over the motif with the blade, so that it seeps through the screen's porous mesh and reaches the film. This step is repeated for each of the different colours of ink involved.
Example 1
After various drying operations and additional processing steps such as thermal forming or embossing, the front foil is ready for the next stage in the manufacturing process. In this particular example, you can see how this involves combining it with an EL film to create the membrane keypad.
montage03 Example 1
The front foil is glued into the recessed milled pocket that has been provided specifically for this purpose.
Example 2
In this case, metallic snap discs are inserted and glued into place to create the membrane keypad.

folientastatur01 Example 2
The high precision and quality of our membrane keyboards/keypads are down to our experienced specialists who carefully craft each membrane keyboard/keypad into a bespoke product.