Technical data for membrane keypads
Contact material Silver conductive paste applied using the screen printing technique, graphite printed onto contact surfaces
Switching element Snap disc (metal dome)
Min. operating force 3 to 5 N (other values possible, if front foil is embossed or if inserts are going to be used over the keys.)
Max. operating force 50N
Switching voltage min. 100mV AC/DC, max. AC 25 V / DC 42 V
Switching current max. 100 mA
Switching capacity max. 0,6W
Contact resistance Depends on the length of the printed conductor
Insulation resistance Between adjacent conductors and across open contacts > 106 Ω
Dielectric strength Between any terminals and across open contacts U = 300V
Between all other interconnected terminals and a metal support plate U = 500V
Electrostatic dielectric strength Ustat > 10kV
Endurance > 106 operating cycles
Bounce time < 3 ms
Operating temperature -200C bis +550C
Storage temperature -300C bis +700C
Air humidity 65% bei +600C im indoors
Degree of protection IP 65 (from the front) on request
Minimum bending radius of connecting lead 1,5 mm
Options Various SMD components, SMD LEDs and resistors available on request