Technical data (PCB keypad)
Switching element Snap disc (metal dome)
Min. operating force 3 to 5 N (other values possible, if front foil is embossed or if inserts are going to be used over the keys.)
Max. operating force 50N
Switching voltage min. 100mV AC/DC, max. AC 25 V / DC 42 V
Switching current max. 100 mA
Switching capacity max. 0,6W
Insulation resistance Between adjacent conductors and across open contacts > 106 Ω
Dielectric strength Between any terminals and across open contacts U = 300 V
Between all other interconnected terminals and a metal support plate U = 500 V
Electrostatic dielectric strength Ustat > 10kV
Endurance > 106 Schaltspiele
Bounce time < 3 ms
Operating temperature -200C bis +550C
Storage temperature -300C bis +700C
Air humidity 65% bei +600C indoors
Degree of protection IP 65 (from the front) on request