Printing technology

Graphics and printing preparation
Our graphics department will work together with you to transform your aspirations and ideas into ready-to-print films. Naturally, we can also make use of printing copy provided by you. One of the key things we have to offer is our facility for reading in colour originals with the latest measurement technology. Once the prepared layouts have been approved, the corresponding printing screens are produced.

graphics and printing preparation
CAD graphics
screen printing Screen printing
Using our multifaceted screen printing facilities, we can print onto all kinds of materials. We will print your membrane keyboards/keypads, front panels and front foils in accordance with the printing copy that has been created for you. Our manual screen printing process allows us to apply custom print to a wide range of sheet metal and enclosure parts.
If surfaces are going to be subjected to extreme conditions further down the line, then we can use a special form of screen printing that allows the ink to be printed beneath the anodised coating.