Connection technology
Press-fit connections
Permanent, positive connection created by cold forming, e.g. between stud with or without thread/threaded sleeves/nuts and the relevant component.
press-fit connections
Machines 4 x PEMSERTER presses
Techn. details
Standard thread sizes from approx. M2.5 to M8
Standard stud sizes from approx. d3 to d6
Can be used with a material thickness of 0.5 mm or more

Materials Versions available in various materials (St.steel/St/AL)
Stud welding
Machines 2x coordinate tables
1x CNC stud welding machine
Various handheld guns
Techn. details
Max. operating range of coordinate table: 5000 mm x 1000 mm
Max. operating range of CNC stud welding machine: 600 mm x 600 mm
Standard thread sizes from M2.5 to M8
Standard stud sizes from d3 to d6
Materials AL/St copper-plated/Stainless steel
Welded connections
Inseparable connection of components achieved by applying heat or pressure, with or without the use of filler materials
welded connections
Process WIG welding/MAG welding/MIG welding/resistance welding
3x automatic welding machines, max. edge length of 1000 mm
2x automatic spot welding machines
9x manual welding stations
Materials AI/st.steel/St can be joined using the above welding processes.

Only identical materials can be welded together to create a welded connection.

Riveted connections
Permanent, positive connection between components created by cold forming and involving the use of a rivet
Machines Pneumatic riveting tongs
Techn. details
Materials with a sheet metal thickness of between 0.5 mm and 3 mm can be joined together by means of riveted connections.
Materials St/brass/copper/aluminium/plastic

Different materials can be joined together to create a riveted connection.

Glued connections
Inseparable connection of components due to physical interaction of the surfaces involved
Techn. details
Practically any materials involving a wide range of designs/thicknesses can be joined together.
1 and 2-component adhesives depending on requirements

Different materials can be joined together to create a glued connection.