Whether you need solutions relating to membrane keyboard/keypads, enclosure construction or touch systems, your requirements... ARE our products!
We develop and produce membrane keyboards/keypads, front foils, front panels and special enclosures for use in all sectors. We make sheet metal parts in the form of individual components and assembly kits. Depending on requirements, we can integrate standard electronics or applications provided by the customer.
Our technicians and engineers are there to provide advice and practical support to ensure that you end up with the optimum solution. If you want our technical sales team to provide you with on-site support right from the design phase, they will be more than happy to oblige.

Whether we are talking about automation, mechanical and plant engineering, medical engineering or any other sector that involves equipment requiring a human operator, keyboards and keypads are the primary input interfaces nowadays. In addition to providing a large number of display, illumination and protective functions, we can meet special ergonomic requirements.
Front foils
front foils Front foils or designer foils provide the perfect finish for front panels and enclosures with existing short-stroke keyboards, LED and LCD displays and add-on operator devices (pushbuttons, switches, levers, etc.). The front foil (which is usually self-adhesive) often doubles up as a front cover for front panels and enclosures.
Touch integration
touch integration Touch systems offer operators a high level of convenience.
You can count on Kohlstädt to integrate them into a variety of modules in exactly the right way and with a high level of reliability.
Front panels
front panels Front panels made from aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastic perform numerous functions. They may serve as a mounting rack, blanking plate or even as a design feature. Depending on the application, appropriate openings, studs and threads need to be provided. The surfaces of the front panels can be ground or have print applied to them or they can be given a painted, powder-coated or anodised finish.
Sheet metal technology
sheet metal technology We can engineer and produce sheet metal parts and special enclosures for all applications. From miniature enclosures right through to control cabinets. The sky's the limit. All our special enclosures can be made from aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Our cutting edge engineering and production equipment guarantees superb levels of quality and cost-effective final products.
Input systems
input systems If it is not practical or desirable for a touchscreen or other kind of operating unit to be integrated into your product, then we can fit an alternative control at any time and configure it in accordance with the specific application concerned.
assembly We create your bespoke product for you by combining all kinds of modules and components. These could be parts that have been specially produced for you as well as standard parts.
System solutions
system solutions We can integrate standard electronics. PC and TFT components can be combined with our front panels and enclosures to create a complete unit.
Production processes / Services
production processes To ensure that we can cater for all your needs and requirements, practically all of our production processes are kept in-house. The next few pages provide details of our production processes and services so to get an idea of what we have to offer, please read on.