The sky's the limit... You set the scene and we take care of design and implementation

Create keyboards and keypads for all kinds of equipment and product categories based on your own concepts and plans. From development right through to realisation, we will carefully consider and hone your ideas together with you to ensure that a no-nonsense solution is achieved and that it is optimised for the specific application concerned.
Our approach centres on the function and integration of these interface elements.
Within this context, we think it is important to provide optimum user friendliness, whilst at the same time preserving the simplicity and attractiveness of the design. We insist on a low-maintenance and ergonomic design that exudes style and also allows complete flexibility in terms of creating myriad bespoke solutions. Our technicians and developers will be happy to assist you with the initial planning phase.

keypads for showers

Here are some of the options we offer

Transparent polyester films of various thicknesses

Partially structured, with non-reflecting coating

With viewing windows that are either crystal clear or have an antiglare coating

With semi-transparent cut-outs for screens and displays

With backlit effect for light-emitting diodes and LED displays

With electroluminescent film

With flat and embossed keypad/with embossed edges

Moulded or embossed (dome or key embossing)

Without mechanical pressure point or with tactile feedback

Self-adhesive with and without backing film or permanently bonded to a backing film or to a carrier plate made from aluminium, sheet steel or plastic