The front panel... a key aspect of the design bursting with personality
Having a bespoke front panel can help guarantee success
To ensure optimum implementation of your specifications and customer demands, we can offer you custom-made front panels. Not only is the front panel the most striking component due to the fact that it is responsible for accommodating the controls, but it also represents a unique design feature.

Quality is a key factor for ensuring optimum product results
Any product that is going to be mounted on the front of your components and on a wide range of interface elements has to be of the highest quality. Kohlstädt can assure you of this, as it takes the various competing demands of the working environment into account to the maximum possible extent and builds these considerations into the design phase. The result: With our front panels, your components will be impervious to liquids, dust and dangerous temperatures.
The front panel as an innovative component
Circuits, membrane keyboards/keypads and other operating units will fit perfectly into our front panels and can be clearly arranged. When producing our in-house front panels, we do not just take account of complex functional characteristics, but also allow them to be shaped by new and very specific design requirements.

Material and design
The front panels are made from materials such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastic. You have complete control over the bespoke design. Your customers will be astounded by the unique nature of this part of the product. It truly represents a key component within the context of all kinds of industrial enclosures and control cabinets.

We have everything you need - from just the front panel or the front panel combined with a front foil, keyboard/keypad or touch system, right through to front panels as part of complete systems.
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