Front foils with more than a touch of unique appeal
Polyester front foils
Up to a material thickness of 280 µm, these can be cut to any size in accordance with customer-specific requirements. Your own design can be applied to the reverse of the front foil using the screen printing technique. As a result, the products retain their function over the long term even when subjected to extreme conditions. We use all kinds of film in this context; examples include
ATV and ATF , as well as EBG, EBA and Bayfol.
WMF front foil

Display elements or short-stroke keyboards/keypads

If the front foil is being used as a cover for display elements or short-stroke keyboards/keypads, transparent or translucent windows can be provided or the foil can be embossed. We can select the right technical adhesives whatever the type of surface you intend to attach your front foil to.

Conducted interference
To prevent conducted interference, the front foil can be equipped with screening functions. Conductive pastes or transparent enamels can be used for this purpose.

We have our sights set on meeting your needs…
To enable us to cater perfectly for customer requirements, we always provide a choice of six different types of film. For a detailed overview of our range, why not explore the information under the other headings.