Touch systems for your product concepts…
Touch systems offer operators a high level of convenience.
You can count on Kohlstädt to integrate them into a variety of modules in exactly the right way and with a high level of reliability. What's more, we understand what a crucial role the installation approach plays in terms of functional ergonomics. And that is why we can offer you innovative forms of touch system technology including, in particular, transparent bonding over the entire surface with its decisive advantages for many sectors. This type of technology is free from the problem of dirty edges and prevents liquids from penetrating. As a result, it meets the stringent requirements that the industrial enclosure construction industry is expected to live up to nowadays.
touch integration

Touch systems as a defining characteristic of your products…
Decisive advantages
Adding one of our touch interfaces to a control prevents dirt particles from accumulating and ensures compliance with strict hygiene standards, because their design makes the problem of dirty edges a thing of the past. By covering the entire surface of the decorative foil with a transparent bonding layer, it is possible to protect the surface of the touch system in such a way that ensures complete and utter cleanliness.
Variety to cater for any application
Depending on the nature of the application and the functional scope, we can build touch system solutions for you based on our own factory designs or on customer-specific requirements. From the initial preparation of the concept through to planning and production, we will not falter as we seek to turn your ideas into reality. In terms of diversity, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to combining touch systems with membrane keyboards/keypads and other controls. We have THE touch integration you need for your operator interfaces.