Our facilities are the key to ensuring your success
From the initial design concept through to the final product
We base production on your specifications and demands, and endeavour to give the product a unique personality. During this process, we are able to make use of our multifaceted production facilities, which enable us to work with plastics, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
production processes

Experience is one of our strengths
We have been producing components and series to customer specifications since 1976. We try to put ourselves in the position of our customers and really appreciate what it is that they want with a high level of commitment and a professional approach. Thanks to our comprehensive production processes and services, we are able to offer a wide range of techniques.

Everything from a single source
In addition to all these wonderful possibilities that we have to offer, there is another very important factor. With us, you will find that all the work relating to your order is carried out under one roof.
We monitor quality and check that your requirements are precisely implemented, thereby ensuring the success of your product.