Alternative controls

Touchpad - Trackball - Controller - Mouse substitutes

If it is not practical or desirable for a touchscreen or other kind of operating unit to be integrated into your product, then we can fit an alternative control at any time and configure it in accordance with the specific application concerned.

The term touchpad describes a touch-sensitive surface that can be used to define a wide range of functionalities. In a number of applications, touchpads can also be operated using a special wand.
A trackball is an input device that generally consists of a housing with an integrated ball. Moving the ball has the same effect as moving a mouse. The housing contains optomechanical or optical sensors that detect and communicate the movements of the ball.
To enable optimum connection of your controls, we can offer you a controller and connection technology to suit your application that we will be happy to program in accordance with your requirements.
Mouse substitutes
Naturally, we will also be happy to integrate other kinds of mouse substitute into your bespoke operating unit. For example, we can install a mouse button or micro-modules as well as TouchStyks, etc.
We make use of the very latest technologies.