Touch integration at Kohlstädt.

Below is a description of the process we use within our company to integrate touch systems.

Step 1
A front foil is inserted in the milled pocket that has been provided for this purpose on the prefabricated front panel.
frontplatte1 Step 2
Sealing material is applied to the recessed milled pocket on the rear of the front panel (into which the touch system will subsequently be inserted) by means of a CNC-controlled metering unit from Vieweg. To ensure the necessary precision and reproducibility, this process is performed in accordance with an electronic schedule that has been prepared in advance.
Step 3
Once the recessed milled pocket has been fully coated with sealing material, the touch system can be carefully inserted. Once the touch system has been precisely positioned, a small amount of pressure is applied to it.
frontplatte_touch2 Step 4
Next, more sealing material is applied to the rear by the metering unit.