Control cabinets... that are tailor-made for you

To achieve an optimum build of control cabinet, the key factors are ensuring that the design is fit for purpose and that the materials are of the requisite quality. To make sure you meet your customers' requirements to the maximum extent, you need to be able to rely on a designer who will not only take care of the actual enclosure construction process but who is also involved in developing a wide range of solutions for use across various sectors. We would be more than happy to marry our proven know-how with your ideas and design concepts to make sure we arrive at the best possible product. Our company has been specialising in customer-focused development and production since 1976. Every step of the way, we focus on realising the ideas of our customers, right through to series production. Our approach centres on the customer's idea and on ensuring optimum modification. We will be happy to turn our attention to your ideas and ensure that they are implemented consistently and in line with the market. The success of our customers (who have sought our help with a vast array of fascinating projects aimed at turning their design concepts into reality) speaks for itself.

Solutions implemented in line with the market
Our control cabinet engineering work involves integrating circuits, relays or switchgear, as well as providing an enclosure solution for key components. We can also enhance these components by using surface treatment methods such as anodisation. Once again, our innovative sheet metal technology comes into play within the context of enclosure engineering.

control cabinet
Example products